An office space with a long table surrounded by chairs.


A New Level of Excellence

The vision of Chard Development and Proscenium Architecture + Interiors, NEST reflects the best of modern living: a beautifully designed building with spacious, elegant interiors, vibrant community and retail spaces, and a landscaped outdoor gathering area. Best of all, residents can enjoy the comforts of neighbourhood life with the conveniences of the city.


Beyond Buildings

For over two decades, Chard Development has worked to initiate positive change across BC. Our tenth residential development in Victoria, NEST is designed to serve the community and foster a vibrant, livable Victoria—now and for generations to come.


Form and Function

Since 1996, Proscenium Architecture + Interiors Inc. has created real buildings that people want to inhabit. A leading designer of community and cultural facilities across Western Canada, we design spaces that are not only functional but also genuinely interesting.